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Print this flyer to inform end users of the benefits of being part of the NI Volume License Program (VLP).

National Instruments provides graphical design software and hardware to help engineers create, discover and innovate.  Your company has invested in the Volume License Program to help you no matter where you are in your NI tool journey.  

VLP Reference ID:  _____________________________________________________________

Areas Included:  _______________________________________________________________

Check out the resources available to you as a result of your VLP membership:


Guided Path to Success

Get live phone support from degreed engineers in your local language, where available.  Visit to get started with your question.  Access online training courses include our Core 1 sessions to get you started on the right track.  Visit to get started now.


Connection to the Community

Become a part of the NI user community through our online forums.  Find solutions that NI applications engineers and your peers have already created.  Join our discussion forum at  Also, find articles related to advanced topics or hard to solve problems through our knowledge base at


Enhanced Tool Access

Talk with your administrator to find out how to get access to historical software versions or the newest upgrades.  Learn about the latest trends, network with your peers and stay current with NI products.  Visit to find out what we are working on for the future.


Sometimes you will need to log in with your NI User Account.  If you don’t have one already it takes only moments to sign up.  In other cases you will need your software serial number.  Just ask your Volume License Administrator for assistance.  Otherwise, contact us and we can help you.

For more details about the Volume License Program, visit

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