Analog Discovery 2 - NI Edition

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Place advanced instrumentation into the hands of every student with NI’s edition of Analog Discovery. A portable, low-cost instrumentation device has never been so powerful. The flexibility of a USB-powered, software-enabled, and multi-OS device, combined with impressive specifications makes Analog Discovery ideal for electrical circuits courses and electrical engineering student projects.


What Does Advanced Instrumentation Look Like

Don’t let the size deceive you. Analog Discovery 2 – NI Edition fits in the palm of your hand but behaves like a powerful benchtop machine. Students no longer have to be confined to a lab table to explore mixed signals and learn about analog and digital electronics. Features include, but are not limited to

  • Six of the most used lab instruments in one hand-held device
  • Free WaveForms application software
  • 100 MS/s scope and 16 channels of high-speed digital I/O


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Additional Resources

Download Waveforms
(WindowsMac, and Linux)


View Example application with Multisim



Get Started with the LabVIEW Examples for Analog Discovery






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