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As a part of our efforts to improve communication and collaboration of scientists and engineers from around the world, NI invites key professors and industry researchers to gather together and discuss their various fields and the challenges they are facing. Below you can read more about the latest roundtables, including Wireless Innovation Workshops (WIW), and download the conference papers.

Table of Contents

  1. European Cyber-Physical Systems Roundtable, Pisa - November 2014
  2. Wireless Innovation Workshop, Bombay - February 2015
  3. Wireless Innovation Workshop, Beijing - March 2015
  4. Wireless Innovation Workshop, Indiana - April 2015
  5. European Cyber-Physical Systems Roundtable, Delft - December 2015

2nd European Cyber-Physical Systems Roundtable

WIW - Beijing, China

WIW Bombay, India

Location: Bombay, India
Date: February 27 - March 1, 2015

The Wireless Innovation Workshops (WIW) aim to bring together top research institutions, educators and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends in wireless research. In 2015, technologies and topics include:

  • 5G wireless communications
  • Massive MIMO
  • Millimeter wave (mmWave)
  • 802.11 and LTE physical layer prototyping

With the world’s wireless industry agreeing that 5G is their next big defining step, NI India has taken its own step forward to support 5G research in India. In association with the highly regarded National Communications Conference (NCC), NI co-hosted the 5G Communication Roundtable on day three of this year’s conference. NCC is conducted each year by the Indian Institutes of Technology in collaboration with the IEEE Communications Society, and this year, the 21st edition of NCC was organized at IIT Bombay, with participation from students, faculty, and industry professionals across India.

"It was an honor to be a part of such a well executed event. The blending of the conference with the 5G expert roundtable offered a unique perspective and understanding to the regional research challenges and interests."

- James Kimery, Director of Marketing, RF Research/SDR

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