Recipients of the NI Academic Research Grant

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As a part of our continued investment in academia worldwide, NI invites academic institutions to submit proposals for support in advanced research projects.

Congratulations to all grant recipients.

2017 NI Academic Research Grant Recipients

1. Garcia, “New hybrid TDoA-AoA algorithms for Radiolocation: design, mathematical modeling and sensing,” Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia


2. Ludu, “Research on rogue waves and tsunamis in a Wave Lab, “Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, United States


3. Lee, “Cutting Tool Health Monitoring Technique Utilizing Edge Diffraction,” Tennessee Technological University, United States


4. Weidner, “Building a shaken lattice interferometer with quantum control,” JILA/University of Colorado at Boulder, United States


5. Padilla, “FPGA-based ON-Screen Keyboard System Using Eye Gaze Tracking Technique,” Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines


6. Porte, “Tribological testing of hydrogels for articular cartilage implants,” Imperial College London, United Kingdom


7. H. Joshi, “Designing of Low Rate Future Generation Wireless Communication Receivers,” Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi India


8. H. Khaled, “Power saving mechanisms for SDR-enabled ubiquitous communications in 5G systems,” Edith Cowan University, Australia


9. J. Bobowski, “Magnetic Permeability at RF Frequencies Measured using a Toroidal Split-Ring Resonator,” University of British Columbia – Okanagan, Canada


10. J. Goeders, “Developing Heuristic Algorithms to Solve Chaining of Combinational Operations in NI’s LabVIEW Communications FPGA Compiler,” Brigham Young University, United States


11. J. Prakash, “Anti-Jamming Communication using Physical Layer Properties,” Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore


12. J. Lin, “Implementation and Control for an MDOF Cable-Suspended Parallel Robot,” Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, Republic of China


13. L. Ortega, “Three-phase harmonic generator,” Escuela Politecnia Nacional, Ecuador


14. L. Wang, “Investigation of RF antenna array configurations for breast cancer detection using holographic microwave imaging technique,” Hefei University of Technology, China


15. M. Ayub, “LabVIEW GUI for Emotiv EEG Headset of Prosthetic Hand Control,” Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia


16. M. Engelhardt, “Using LabVIEW for Implementing D2D Communications in LTE,” Technische Universität Darmstadt , Germany


17. M. Laughlin, “Development of an In Vitro Model for Physiological Testing of Native and Prosthetic Venous Valves,” University of Arkansas, United States


18. M. Mohebbi, “Sensorless Control of Power Electronics Interfaces,” University of Louisville, United States


19. M. Woody, “An ultra-fast EOD-based force-clamp detects rapid biomechanical transitions,” University of Pennsylvania, United States


20. N. Matthews, “Stellar Intensity Interferometry with Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes,” University of Utah, United States


21. P. Castello, “A Cloud-based Wide-Area Monitoring System based on Internet of Things Architecture and Synchrophasor Measurement,” University of Cagliari, Italy


22. P. Nayeri, “Adaptive Beamforming using Cognitive Radios and Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimized Communication Links,” Colorado School of Mines, United States


23. R. Chrapkiewicz, “Fast two-photon microscopy of neural circuits activity,” Stanford University United States


24. R. Motamed, “Parametric Study on Liquefaction-Induced Building Settlements using 1-g Shake Table Experiments,” University of Nevada Reno, United States


25. S. Hedayati Kia, "Simulation and Experimental Analyses of Planetary Gear Tooth Defect Using Electrical and Mechanical Signatures for Wound Rotor Induction Generators,” University of Picardie Jules Verne, France


26. T. Blazek, “Performance Modeling for Intelligent Transport Systems,” TU Wien, Austria


27. T. Chen, “Full-Duplex Wireless: From Integrated Circuits to Networks,” Columbia University, United States


28. T. Rasmussen, “Implementation of State Estimation and Bad Data Detection for Wind Turbine Monitoring through an Embedded System,” Technical University of Denmark, Department of Electrical Engineering, Denmark


29. Z. Li, “Photovoltaic Multilevel Inverter with Distributed Maximum Power Point Tracking and Dynamic Circuit Reconfiguration,” Duke University, United States




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