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Developers need the right tools to help solve big programming challenges. NI developed Guided Help to be your engineering Sherpa, who’s with you every step of the way in conquering your organization’s biggest technical mountains.

Guided Help is a novel way to introduce software concepts to a user. It is a rich, interactive experience that works with a programmer as they learn how to navigate a new software environment. With Guided Help by your side, you can reduce the time it takes to develop your software application by mastering LabVIEW Communications faster and with fewer resources. We’ve improved other areas of LabVIEW Communications so you can learn faster and be a more efficient programmer, including enhanced error recovery, richer contextual help, and a new comprehensive help system.

Guided Help is integrated directly into the LabVIEW Communications development environment, so you can start learning as soon as you open your first project. It works with you as you explore topics ranging from simple tasks, like using a While Loop to control application execution, to complex concepts like deploying an algorithm onto an FPGA. Each Guided Help tutorial offers a series of steps and theory, with interactive elements that can perform actions in the LabVIEW Communications environment. These interactions include highlighting where a particular function or menu item is located, or even running a piece of code, so you can quickly see the right way to perform an action and do it faster yourself next time. Using Guided Help is like having your own personal expert at your side to show you the way when you get stuck.



Guided Help gives you the tools you need to become proficient with LabVIEW Communications faster and help those around you learn how to use and modify the software applications that you create. In turn this will help you and your design team quickly master the concepts to rapidly prototype ever more complex algorithms on NI SDR hardware.

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