Electronics 101 for Technician and Technology Programs

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This comprehensive set of 10 laboratories includes a step-by-step guide for teaching both introductory and advanced concepts in two-year technician and technology programs. Created by a former community college educator, these labs use NI Multisim and NI ELVIS. Labs also include NI ELVIS setup steps as well as NI Multisim schematics.

Download Full Manual (30 MB)

Table of Contents

Topics Covered

1. Capacitance (includes step-by-step guide for setting up NI ELVIS for laboratories)
2. Capacitive Reactance
3. Inductance
4. Inductive Reactance
5. AC Circuits
6. Transistor Amplifiers
7. Thyristors
8. Motors and Generators
9. FETs
10. Operational Amplifiers


Download Contains

Full Lab Exercise Manual PDF

Multisim Circuit Files


Required Software

NI Multisim

NI ELVISmx Device Driver


Required Hardware


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