Problems and Explorations in Microelectronics with NI myDAQ and Multisim

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Faculty wishing to incorporate portable instrumentation into their analog electronics courses will find in this text forty end-of-chapter-style problems covering basic concepts in diodes, operational amplifiers, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), and enhancement-mode MOSFETs. Each problem guides students through a three-way solution process of analysis, simulation, and measurement. Solving a given problem three ways empowers students to triangulate on the correct result by mutual reinforcement while simultaneously improving their analytical and laboratory skills. Short video tutorials integrate closely with the problems to demonstrate relevant software and measurement techniques.

Pilot tests of the three-way approach confirm that students who worked to harmonize each part of the their three-way solution elevated their confidence in their own analytical and lab skills.

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Table of Contents

Topics Covered

1. Introduction
2. Diode Circuits
3. Analysis Techniques
4. Operational Amplifier Circuits
5. Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Circuits
6. MOSFET Circuits
7. Parts Lists
8. Data Sheets
9. Video Links


Download Contains

Full Lab Exercise Manual PDF

Multisim Circuit Files


Required Software

NI Multisim

NI ELVISmx Device Driver


Required Hardware


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