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  1. Upcoming User Group Meetings
  2. User Group Highlight
  3. Start a Local LabVIEW User Group
  4. Resources for Your User Group



Find upcoming User Group Meetings
Find Existing LabVIEW User Groups in your Area 

- Browse past Virtual User Groups
- Why Join a User Group?
- Find and Share Code in the NI Developer Zone Community



1. Upcoming User Group Meetings

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2. User Group Highlight

02/03/2009: Gainesville, FL
02/10/2009: Apex, NC
02/10/2009: Salem, VA
02/10/2009: Oak Ridge, TN
02/11/2009: Houston, TX
02/11/2009: Huntsville, AL
02/12/2009: Charlotte, NC
02/12/2009: Grand Rapids, MI
02/17/2009: Sacramento, CA
02/18/2009: Mountain View, CA
02/18/2009: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
02/19/2009: Livonia, MI
02/19/2009: Albuquerque, NM
02/19/2009: Bloomington, MN
02/24/2009: Satellite Beach, FL
02/26/2009: Santa Ana, CA
02/27/2009: San Jose, CA

View all upcoming User Group Meetings in the US
View all upcoming User Group Meetings Globally

Make your Group heard!

Let us know if you any new information
about your user group that you want to
share with the rest of the LabVIEW


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3. Start a Local LabVIEW User Group

Share expertise and development tips with LabVIEW developers in your area or company. NI can help you setup, register and promote your user group. In many cases NI can help you book a location, send out invitations, and more. In no time, you'll be enjoying your first user group meeting.

Starting a User Group

- Register Your User Group


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4. Resources for Your User Group

Browse through and download presentations for your next meeting and share your own presentations with the rest of the Community.

Basic Level
Build Plug-In Architectures and Custom User Interfaces with VI Server NEW!

Intermediate Level
Cool Things You Didn't Know About Vision Builder AI NEW!

Advanced Level
Improving the Performance of Your LabVIEW Applications


- Suggest Presentation Topic
- Request Presenter
- Submit Your Presentation

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