What's New in NI Switch Executive 2.1

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This release of NI Switch Executive introduces many new features to simplify switch system development and speed-up integrating existing switch system configurations. The following document lists the major features integrated into the software.

Table of Contents

  1. Interactive Debug Panels
  2. Configuration Programming Interface
  3. Excel Integration

1. Interactive Debug Panels

This new release features interactive switch control and debugging panels to further accelerate system development by visually specifying and viewing switch closures. This greatly simplifies debugging your switch system by allowing you to connect/disconnect specific routes and route groups directly in the editor. This allows you to prototype and characterize the routes and verify your hardware without needing to program switch connects and disconnects.

Figure 1: Interactive Route and Route Group Debug Panels

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2. Configuration Programming Interface

With the new configuration programming interface (API), you can completely specify and configure your NI Switch Executive virtual device, and consequently your switches, from any programming environment. For example, you now can create routes programmatically from LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI or store RF calibration and parametric information on a per path basis in user fields. The API essentially gives you all the power and flexibility to completely specify your switch configurations without having to use editor. This is particularly useful for repetitive configurations of channels, routes or route groups or in the configuration of multiplexer routes.

Figure 2: Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting of NI Switch Executive in Excel

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3. Excel Integration

With this new functionality, you can import or export existing switch route configurations and documents created in Excel. This gives you the added flexibility to completely define your switch system in a familiar environment. To help accelerate your Excel integration, NI Switch Executive ships with two examples demonstrating importing a configuration to Excel as well as exporting or saving a configuration to a NI Switch Executive Virtual Device in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX).

Figure 3: Microsoft Excel Switch Specification

For more information about these and other major updates, refer to the NI Switch Executive Readme file that is included with the release.

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