Online Engineering Education: A Comprehensive Review

Publish Date: Oct 12, 2006 | 1 Ratings | 5.00 out of 5 | Print
Wael Ibrahim, Rasha Morsi, ECPI College of Technology/Norfolk State University

Proceedings of the 2005 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition
Copyright © 2005, American Society for Engineering Education. Reprinted with the permission of ASEE.

Development and assessment of synchronous and asynchronous distance learning curricula is an
ever growing research due to the new emerging virtual universities. Recent reports confirm the
fast growth in online education at an even higher rate than anticipated by educational institutions.
The suitability of online learning to engineering disciplines however has been questioned. This
paper researches online degree granting institutions and attempts to gain an insight in the growth
of online education and its correlation with engineering disciplines. An investigation of
educational web sites of 126 educational institutions that offer an Electrical and Computer
Engineering degree is used to provide information on whether or not this fast growth in online
education is a representative of growth of online engineering disciplines. A comparison of
different delivery methods for the online environment is presented as well as a review of
different systems for offering electrical, electronics, and digital laboratories via distance learning
is presented.

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