Using an Incremental Encoder in a Cut-to-Length Controller

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This document is part of a comprehensive tutorial on industrial Digital I/O and Counter/Timer hardware. Learn about National Instruments product offerings for digital and timing I/O, the Industrial Feature Set including watchdog timers and isolation, complementary devices like relays, solenoids and encoders, concepts like sinking and sourcing, and see how these devices can be used in your industrial application.

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1. Using an Incremental Encoder in a Cut-to-Length Controller

Recent business models reveal the rising expense of planning production based on market forecasts and of keeping large amounts of inventory in storage. Because of this, many companies are favoring a demand-based business model where goods are not manufactured until ordered. This concept can be very important to industries where the raw materials are expensive and there is a need to minimize waste and the amount of goods, finished or raw, kept in inventory.

Manufacturers who supply various length metal sheets to their suppliers have moved to incorporate cut-to-length controllers. In order to minimize waste and to accurately control the motion of the cut-to-length guillotine, an encoder and measurement system is used to control the length of material fed through the system and to stop the system as needed.

A Koyo TRD-GK heavy duty incremental encoder provides the necessary measurement for such a system. The frequency output provides a 6 – 30 VDC signal and can operate at a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm. The output square wave of the encoder provides a test and measurement system with the required information to accurately measure the amount of material fed through the system as well as the speed and direction of the assembly line.

The implementation of the NI 6624 meets the necessary industrial requirements for a manufacturing system and provides the ease of use of a PC based test and measurement system. Coupled with NI-DAQmx and the necessary control devices, the system offers the flexibility and ease of use required in basic to complex manufacturing facilities without extensive training or programming knowledge required.

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NI 6624

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