Instrument Control with the GPIB Hardware Bus

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As part of the National Instruments Instrument Control Fundamentals Series, this set of tutorials helps you learn about a specific common instrument control topic through theory explanations and practical examples.

What You Learn
GPIB, the General Purpose Interface Bus, is one of the most common and popular instrument control hardware buses today. This set of tutorials and concept documents provides information on how to easily set up and control your GPIB instrument to build your test system.

To view the complete list of in-depth instrument control tutorials, please return to the Instrument Control Fundamentals Main Page.

GPIB Instrument Control Tutorial
This application note describes how to easily connect, configure and control your GPIB instrument.

Accelerate Instrument Control with Interactive Tools and LabVIEW
This application note describes various tools and techniques you can use to quickly get up and running with your GPIB instruments.

Developing Distributed GPIB Test Systems Using GPIB-ENET/100 and Existing Ethernet Networks
This application note serves as a general introduction for implementing distributed test applications using the GPIB-ENET/100 TCP/IP Ethernet-to-GPIB controller.

History of GPIB
This document gives a brief history of the origins of GPIB.

Using a GPIB Controller to Talk to or from a Serial Device
This document describes how to use a GPIB controller to communicate both as a serial to GPIB converter, or as a GPIB instrument communicating through the serial port.

How a GPIB Language Interface Works
This document explains the two main parts of a language interface. In particular you will find a description of the declaration file and the GPIB language library.

GPIB Controllers
This document introduces you to the General-Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) Controller, and the different interfaces available for GPIB communication.

Is GPIB or Ethernet Better for Instrument Automation?
This document discusses the importance of the implementation of instrument control interfaces and instrument control bus selection. In particular it compares GPIB and ethernet as methods for instrument automation.

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