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The National Instruments Instrument Control Fundamentals Series, your FREE resource for instrument control knowledge on the Web, presents technical content through theory, real-world examples, and interactive audiovisual tutorials. This series, organized into four general categories, is designed for a broad range of audiences, from experts who want to review a specific topic to new users who need easy-to-understand documentation for their projects. Select one of the categories below to begin mastering instrument control. Visit the Test System Development Resource Library to learn how to incorporate instrument control into an automated test system.

See the Getting Started with Instrument Control page to get from set-up and configuration to analyzing your measurements in the shortest time.

What is Instrument Control?
Obtain an overview on instrument control. Learn about the components that make up an instrument control system both in software and hardware.
Learn More About Instrument Control


Instrument Control Hardware and Bus Technologies
Learn more about how to control your instrument using any bus such as GPIB, Serial, USB, Ethernet/LAN, PCI/PCIe, PXI/PXIe and Firewire.
Learn More About Instrument Control Hardware and Bus Technologies


Instrument Control Software
Explore how to use any programming language to control your instrument. In particular, you will find information on LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, SignalExpress, Visual Basic, C# and C++. You will also learn about how to use VISA and Instrument Drivers to facilitate instrument control.
Learn More About Instrument Control Software


Instrument Control System Architectures
Find information on high-level system design topics in instrument control. Some of the topics covered include web-based control, creating modular or stand-alone systems, how to future-proof your system and optimizing the performance of your system.
Learn More About Instrument Control System Architectures


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