Creating a Text Ring Control for LabVIEW with Arbitrary Label/Value Pairs

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Complete the following steps to create a custom text ring or sparse enumeration control for LabVIEW with arbitrary label/value pairs using LabWindows/CVI and the LabVIEW capability of importing a CVI Instrument Driver.
  1. In LabWindows/CVI, select File»New»Function Tree(*.fp) to create a new FP panel.

  2. On the FP panel, select Create»Instrument. When prompted, set an arbitrary name and prefix.

  3. Select Create»Function Panel Window. When prompted, set an arbitrary name and function name.

  4. Double-click the name of the function you created inside the FP window to display the Function Panel.

  5. In the Function Panel window, select Create»Ring to display the Create Control Ring window.

  6. Click the Label/Value pairs button and insert your custom pairs using the below/above buttons to move to the next and previous. Click the OK button when you are finished.

  7. Select File»Save .FP file.

  8. In LabVIEW, select Tools»Instrumentation»Import CVI Instrument Driver.

  9. Select the FP file you created. The CVI Function Panel Convert window appears.

  10. You do not need to change any settings but you can change the destination directory path.

  11. Click the OK button. The Select Libary window appears asking you a path to a DLL.

  12. Click the Cancel button. The Conversion Status window appears while LabVIEW converts the driver.

  13. After the conversion is complete, select Open VI, browse to the destination directory you selected in step 10, and open the LLB that has the same name of the FP file you saved in step 7.

  14. Select the VI with the same name of the function you created in step 3. On the front panel of this VI, the custom text ring control appears.

  15. You might notice that the increment/decrement arrows do not work. Right-click the control and select Data Range.

  16. Check the Use Default checkbox and click the OK button. You can now uncheck Use Default and the increment/decrement arrows will work.

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