Application of Technology in Engineering Education

Publish Date: Sep 11, 2006 | 1 Ratings | 4.00 out of 5 | Print
Shahnam Navaee, Georgia Southern University

Proceedings of the 2005 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition
Copyright © 2005, American Society for Engineering Education. Reprinted with the permission of ASEE.

This paper focuses on introducing the faculty to a collection of powerful software tools and technologies that can be used effectively in a teaching and learning environment. This presentation additionally illustrates some of the techniques that can be employed in conjunction with using these tools and technologies to further enhance the teaching effectiveness of the faculty and promote student learning. Sample tools utilized in this study include WebCT, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft EXCEL, Macromedia FLASH, MATLAB, LabVIEW, as well as, a series of other utility tools such as image capturing and screen recording software. The discussed tools and techniques enable the faculty to achieve goals that are unattainable through utilizing traditional teaching approaches.  Included in this presentation will be several examples of course related material produced for teaching engineering topics and concepts. These examples clearly establish the great power, valuable utilities, and important advantages of these tools in teaching. Among presented examples are a few sample course modules selected from recent publications and presentations of the author in several national educational conferences, as well as, in an international colloquium. This paper does a comparison study between the tools and procedures utilized in these papers and discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages that these tools offer.

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