AmFax PXI-Based Bluetooth Measurement Suite

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The AmFax PXI-5060 Bluetooth PXI Measurement Suite is a highly optimized platform for accurately testing Bluetooth enabled devices. The software provides a highly integrated set of measurement routines that can be integrated into the manufacturing process or utilised in development. The software algorithms are based on the powerful PXI platform with the
NI PXI-5660 RF Signal Analyzer and NI PXI-5671 RF Signal Generator solutions. This low-cost platform provides
one of the most optimized data transfer architectures available, ideal for reducing test times and minimizing investment. The robust PXI product portfolio also makes it easy to address non-RF testing requirements, including electrical and audio performance. The AmFax PXI-5060 software has been designed to integrate into many manufacturing test environments, inc:
• National Instruments TestStand, via Custom Step Types (CST’s).
• LabVIEW VI’s
• A DLL Library
• Run-time interface for stand alone bench testing.
The algorithms provided are optimized for speed to reduce test time and are verified for their accuracy. The software contains automated routines for self-calibration to ease introduction into the test environment and simplify support.

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