CompactRIO Third-Party Products and NI Single-Board RIO Resources

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Find information on third-party products for NI Single-Board RIO and NI CompactRIO, as well as embedded system reference designs for developing your custom hardware solutions.


1. Third Party Products, Reference Designs and Services


Third-Party Module Developers CompactRIO and Single-Board RIO modules designed and sold by third parties
NI Developer Zone Example code, community resources, forums, groups
LabVIEW FPGA IPNet  One stop shop for finding LabVIEW FPGA IP
Reference Designs Application-oriented examples and designs from NI systems engineers based on proofs of concept that NI created for customers
Global Services Services for application life cycle planning to deployment and ongoing maintenance.
Design Layout Templates and Schematics Design your own custom C Series modules, accessories, breakout boards, or connectors.  Use schematic capture and integrated layout software. 


Find all of the resources you need to customize a system for your specific application by searching for example code, reference designs, and community resources. For instance, the IPNet hosts an assortment of NI LabVIEW FPGA IP that can help you shorten your design process.  National Instruments is committed to providing global service solutions.  These services are designed to meet your needs throughout the application life cycle – from planning and development through deployment and ongoing maintenance. 

Visit the CompactRIO Third-Party Module Developers listing to learn more about the variety of ready-made C Series modules, including those listed below, for signal and bus technologies. If timing, budget, or technical constraints prevent you from designing your own module, you can use these qualified CompactRIO custom module design companies to fabricate a module that meets your exact specifications.

National Instruments Reference Design lists system-level reference designs to reduce your time to market. NI reference designs are application-oriented examples from NI systems engineers based on proofs of concept that NI creates for its customers.

Resources for NI CompactRIO and NI Single-Board RIO Custom Design use National Instruments and third-party board-level design tools to customize CompactRIO and NI Single-Board RIO designs. To define custom C Series modules, accessories, breakout boards, or connectors, you can use schematic capture and integrated layout software


Custom module development using the NI cRIO-9951 CompactRIO Module Development Kit (MDK) includes CompactRIO module development software, the CompactRIO I/O Module Development Kit User Manual, and housing module shells with connectors from the following packages: NI cRIO-9952, cRIO-9954, and cRIO-9955 (quantity of two each).



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