Extensive Portfolio of Software for Test

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  1. Overview
  2. Explore NI Software for Test
  3. Learn More About NI PXI

1. Overview

National Instruments provides a comprehensive suite of software options to simplify the development of your PXI system to meet your challenging time-to-market and performance requirements. These include high-performance drivers with flexible and intuitive high-level APIs optimized for the most popular application development environments, including NI LabVIEW and NI LabWindows™/CVI. Along with application development environments, choose from a variety of software tools that are optimized to develop and deploy automated test or real-time test applications faster, including NI TestStand and NI VeriStand. When creating a test system, save time and increase test code reuse by integrating your system with NI's comprehensive suit of software options. 


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2. Explore NI Software for Test


LabVIEW is an intuitive graphical programming environment that helps you quickly develop powerful test software with support for thousands of instruments and technologies such as multicore and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The LabVIEW platform has seen its user base grow to more than one million users worldwide this past decade.

 Download a free NI LabVIEW evaluation today

 Learn more about the NI LabVIEW and PXI Design Advantages

NI LabWindows/CVI

LabWindows/CVI is a proven ANSI C integrated development environment that provides test engineers with a comprehensive set of programming tools, including built-in analysis libraries, instrument drivers and functions, multicore programming capabilities, and assistants to autogenerate code.

 Download a free NI LabWindows/CVI evaluation today

  Learn more about the NI LabWindows/CVI and PXI Design Advantages

NI Measurement Studio

Measurement Studio is the only suite of tools designed for building professional engineering applications in Visual Studio to acquire, analyze, and display measurement data. It offers extensible measurement classes and UI controls to help you design an end-to-end test or measurement system in Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#.

 Download a free NI Measurement Studio evaluation today

  Learn more about the NI Measurement Studio and PXI Design Advantages

NI TestStand

Develop your automated test and validation systems faster with NI TestStand, a powerful ready-to-run test management environment. You can use NI TestStand to develop, manage, and execute test sequences written in any programming language as well as to facilitate integration with enterprise systems.

 Download a free NI TestStand evaluation today

 Learn more about the NI TestStand and PXI Design Advantages

NI Switch Executive

NI Switch Executive is an intelligent switch management and routing application that accelerates development and simplifies maintenance of complex switch systems. The point-and-click graphical configuration and automatic routing capabilities make it easy to design your switch system. Using intuitive channel aliases and route names keeps your system documented for future modifications.

 Download a free NI Switch Executive evaluation today

 Learn more about the NI Switch Executive and PXI Design Advantages

NI VeriStand

NI VeriStand is a software environment for configuring real-time testing applications, including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems. With NI VeriStand, you configure real-time tasks (I/O, profiles, alarms); implement system simulations by importing models; and create a run-time editable UI.

 Download a free NI VeriStand evaluation today

 Learn more about the NI VeriStand and PXI Design Advantages


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3. Learn More About NI PXI

For more information about PXI platform design advantages, view the other sections of this series at NI PXI Platform Design Advantages.

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