NI Multisim Aerospace & Defense Applications

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  1. What is Multisim for Circuit Design in the Aerospace & Defense Industry?
  2. Multisim Aerospace & Defense Applications
  3. Customer Success Stories 

1. What is Multisim for Circuit Design in the Aerospace & Defense Industry?

NI Multisim is equipping engineers and researchers in the aerospace and defense industry with design tools improving their approach of electronic circuits design. Multisim is largely established world-wide at leading aerospace companies, defense institutions, national laboratories, and mil/aero consulting organizations.

Serving analog and mixed-mode circuit designers as well as PCB designers, Multisim has proven success in a wide range of applications from avionics equipment for data acquisition and imaging, to communication applications complementing RF systems, to defense electronics such as soldier or munitions equipment.

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2. Multisim Aerospace & Defense Applications

Circuit Design with Validated Components from Semiconductor Manufacturers

Multisim’s component libraries are validated by NI R&D engineers who work directly with leading semiconductor manufacturers on obtaining precise models leading to accurate simulation results. Not only you can benefit from over 24,000 components in Multisim’s database but also you can create custom components and footprints or ask NI for a consultation service to create special models for your design.

Some of our most commonly components in the aerospace and defense arena are



  • - A large variety of operational and instrumentation amplifiers from Analog Devices
  • - IF stage amplifiers from Texas Instruments
  • - Military proof transistors models from ON Semiconductor
  • - NXP ADC/DAC and I/O power components



Get a free one-month trial of Multisim to evaluate the powerful component library.


Powerful Power Electronics Design Tools

The recent release of Multisim 12.0 added many advanced power electronics components. These power components allow for accurate modeling of critical power supply circuit behavior such as transient response of open and closed loop Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), the inductance leakage and core magnetization of coils and transformers, and power MOSFETs with thermal modeling from Infineon Technologies.

Learn more about power components in Mutlisim 12.0


Advanced Add-on Analyses and Hardware Integration Tools

Multisim has expanded its circuit simulation capabilities and enhanced the engineer’s toolbox with a large set of custom instruments and analyses, developed in LabVIEW, and now available for download for Multisim users. Using the rich set of math functions, programming algorithms, and measurement tools in LabVIEW, engineers truly have a unique set of capabilities that can redefine how SPICE can be used for circuit design.

These instruments are used by design engineers to perform advanced circuit analyses and measurements such as noise performance modeling, to complex signal generation and visualization, to interaction with hardware, and many others.

Learn more about the custom LabVIEW instruments for Multisim

Rapid PCB Prototyping Tools with Exclusive Parts for NI Hardware

PCB engineers working on complete systems or daughter cards and breakout boards for larger systems such as medium-frequency and low-end test stations see great value in Ultiboard rapid prototyping capabilities.

In addition to its design-efficient features for part creation and placement, layout routing, and mechanical and fabrication file formats compatibility, Ultiboard offers an exclusive set of PCB connectors and board templates for customers using NI hardware such as NI Single-board RIO, NI Compact RIO, and NI PXI platforms. Engineers working on such designs can save up time and effort and get directly to their final validated design as quickly as possible.

Explore the sbRIO daughter board reference design in Ultiboard

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3. Customer Success Stories 


Complete System Simulation, Prototyping, and Deployment of a UDP Communication Module by STeP

Using NI CompactRIO to deploy a remote system that acquires audio signals, and NI Multisim and Ultiboard to define an application-specific custom I/O module to transmit over the communications user datagram protocol (UDP), STeP successfully addressed all the challenges of this module customization. Learn more






Development of Flight Camera Equipment by a National Lab

This national lab needed to have a quick and accurate turn around on circuit prototypes for onboard electronics equipment, as well as, to be able to leverage simulation for circuit design, and effectively validate and verify the prototype behavior. Using Multisim and Ultiboard, they rapidly captured, simulated and verified the circuit behavior during the design stages. Then directly compare simulated results to prototype measurement to validate and improve model accuracy. Learn more



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