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Each NI SC Express card integrates signal conditioning and data acquisition in a single card to measure thermocouples, strain and other bridge based sensors, voltage, microphones, accelerometers, and fiber bragg sensors. The E-kits below provide additional information regarding either the design optimizations of the particular modules, relative applications, or the technology behind the measurements.

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Achieving Higher Performance with NI SC Express

The NI SC Express family is designed with performance, accuracy, and throughput in mind.  This E-Kit contains four technical whitepapers that detail the features that make these modules best in class. 


  • Whitepaper: Benefits of Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital Conversion
  • Whitepaper: Synchronization Explained
  • Whitepaper: SC Express Increases Thermocouple Measurement Accuracy
  • Whitepaper: Measuring Bridge-Based Sensors with the Ratiometric Approach


Fiber Bragg Grating Optical Sensing

 Optical sensing based on fiber bragg gratings overcomes many of the challenges traditional sensors may face by using light, rather than electricity, to transmit a signal. You will learn the technology behind optical sensing and key benefits as well as what you need to build a system in these three whitepapers and a webcast: 


  • Whitepaper: FBG Optical Sensing: A New Alternative for Challenging Strain Measurements
  • Whitepaper: Fiber Optic Sensing Components
  • Whitepaper: What is PXI?
  • Webcast: Sensor Configuration Software Demonstration


Noise, Vibration and Harshness Resource Kit

noise and vibe.jpgThe conditioning and synchronization of the 449x and 447x boards make them ideal for noise and vibration analysis applications.  Learn more about the application area, other customer successes, how to use the software, and how to build an NVH system in this E-kit: 


  • Whitepaper: Introduction to Hand/Arm Vibration
  • Whitepaper: Spatial Acoustics and Reverberation Time
  • Case Study: Boeing Measures Reduced Aircraft Noise Emissions with NI PXI and LabVIEW
  • Demo: Introduction to Sound and Vibration Assistant
  • Webcast: Building High-Channel-Count Sound and Vibration Systems

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