New ON Semiconductor Components in Multisim 11.0.2

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National Instruments is committed to developing partnerships with semiconductor manufacturers to ensure that NI Multisim contains the components you need in your design. With Multisim 11.0.2 we are releasing more than 2000 new components (an over 10% increase in database size) from ON Semiconductor, one of the leading global providers of silicon devices.

The 2000+ components in Multisim 11.0.2 include a wide variety of fundamental devices, for applications including: power, consumer electronics, automotive, LED lighting, and military/aerospace. Specific devices include ultrafast rectifiers and power MOSFETs, to off-line controllers and linear voltage regulators.

Symbols, SPICE models and footprints are ready-to-use so you can capture, simulate and prototype more designs in less time. Here are some samples:

Component Symbol Footprint


8 A, 600 V ultrafast rectifier.


1 A, 2.0 V, low dropout voltage regulator.


135 mW stereo headphone audio power amplifier.


50 A, 310 V thyristor surge protector.


Power MOSFET 20V 4.4A 80 mOhm P-Channel ChipFET FETKY

The onsemi_components.pdf file located in the Download sections contains a list of the new ON Semiconductor components included in Multisim 11.0.2. Refer to NI Multisim Components and Models for more detailed information about the components and models included in your edition of Multisim.

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