Green Engineering Grant Recipient Videos

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Since 2010, the NI Green Engineering Grant Program has given green engineering start up companies worldwide access to the tools needed to foster the rapid design, prototyping, and commercialization of promising new green technologies. Applications range from biofuel production to grid management systems.



Windlift: Powering Remote Villages with Portable Airborne Wind Technology

"The seamless interface between the CompactRIO and the NI LabVIEW development environment offers a turnkey hardware/software solution with very little learning required."

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Additional Recipient Videos


Makai Ocean Engineering: Generating Electricity by Harnessing Ocean Thermal Energy

Interdisciplinary Design Collaborative, LLC: Automating Your Home with NI CompactRIO and the Chameleon Home Automation System

Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute: Reducing Carbon Footprint and Increasing Energy Savings on Campus with use of a Solar PV System

University of Kansas: Designing Tomorrow's Smart Grid

Metal Oxide Technologies: Changing the Way the World Uses Electricity

SUNTIME: Control and Automate Your Home from Almost Any Device

Kitenergy: Airborne Wind Energy Cheaper than Oil

Wineman Technologies: Converting Wasted Heat into Energy

Xtreme Power and Jennings Embedded Services: Developing and Deploying Grid Level Energy Storage


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