Vector Network Analysis Webcast Series

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In this four-part webcast series, learn about the fundamental principles of network analysis and see them put into practice with the NI PXIe-5630 vector network analyzer.

Introduction to Vector Network Analyzer Theory and Operation

Walk through the fundamental topics that you need to know as you begin using the NI PXIe-5630 vector network analyzer. Learn common vector network analyzer terminology, get an overview of common hardware architectures that are unique to RF vector network analyzers, and discover the theory behind basic measurements including S-parameters, impedance, as well as transmission and reflection coefficients.

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Taking Your First Measurements with the NI PXIe-5630 Vector Network Analyzer

See an introduction to industry's first PXI vector network analyzer: the NI PXIe-5630. View a demonstration of this two-port analyzer and learn how to use the full-feature soft front panel to make important measurements needed to characterize RF components and devices such as transmission and reflection coefficients, impedance, and forward S-parameters. Also see an overview of the flexible NI LabVIEW API and a demonstration of the ease of automating PXI instruments.

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All about Vector Network Analyzer Calibration

Learn about many of the sources of error and how each contribute to overall accuracy when making vector network analyzer measurements. Calibration is an important process for any RF instrument, however, accurate vector network analysis can be largely affected by temperature, test environment, differences in cables, and test fixtures. Therefore, more frequent user calibration is required. Explore the theory behind vector network analyzer calibrations including response, enhanced response, and automatic calibration. Also see a demonstration of precision automatic calibration.

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Tips for Improving Your Vector Network Analyzer Measurements

Improve your vector network analyzer measurements with these proven techniques. Explore these best practices and view a demonstration using the NI PXIe-5630 to characterize RF components such as power amplifiers and filters.

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