National Instruments Activation Wizard Walk-Through

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The NI Activation Wizard allows you to activate your National Instruments software. Activation is the process of acquiring and applying an activation code. This is a complete step-by-step walk-through of the National Instruments Activation Wizard. This may be connected to the installation of National Instruments Software or called from the National Instruments License Manager.

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  1. How To Open the Activation Wizard
  2. Activation Steps
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1. How To Open the Activation Wizard

There are generally two methods to use the activation wizard, through installing software and through the National Instruments License Manager. The last step of installation opens the activation wizard when installing National Instruments software that requires activation to be fully functional.

To open the NI License Manager navigate to Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI License Manager in Windows. In the NI License Manager you can press F6, click the Activate button, select Options»Activate... from the menu bar or right-click on the product to activate and select Activate... in the product tree.


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2. Activation Steps

Although not all methods of activation use all steps they generally follow the same pattern. When opening the Activation Wizard through the NI License Manager if there are activation codes present on the computer for software that is not activated it will allow you to select which of those products you would like to activate. If software is selected for activation, they will be activated and proceed to step 1. You cannot deselect items, only change which items are selected. If no software is selected it will proceed to step 1.


Step 1 - Select Activation Method

The NI Activation Wizard Welcome screen allows you to chose between three methods of activation. The default is to automatically activate through a secure Internet connection. You may also use a Web browser, email client, telephone, or fax machine to acquire an activation code. If you already have an activation code or codes you may apply one or more 20-character activation codes previously acquired for your computer. If the third option is selected proceed to step 6.

Here you may explore further to understand the National Instruments Software License Agreement and How you can move an activated product to a different computer.


If the second option is selected you are able to select more specifically which method you would like to use to acquire an activation code.


Step 2 - Enter Serial Number(s)

All products that can be activated will have a field to enter the serial number for that product. If there are more products than can fit on one window the words More Products will show up on the bottom and the next window will show the remaining products. If the activation is through a Web browser or telephone proceed to step 4.

If the Activation Wizard was opened at the end of an installation, some or all of the serial numbers may be auto-populated. Most products installed but not activated will run in evaluation mode, typically this is for 30 days. The ability to evaluate and evaluation time will vary depending on the product.


Step 3 - Register

Your first name, last name and organization are required to activate your products. There is a check box for product registration that is checked by default. If you leave the box checked you may enter your information to register your product to ensure access to your service benefits from National Instruments, including technical support, software upgrades and updates.

You will have access to the National Instruments Product Activation Privacy Statement.


Step 4 - Instructions

The instructions enable you to prepare the correct information for when you contact National Instruments. The needed information is the Computer ID and the Product/Serial number combinations. The instructions are different for each method:

Automatic Activation - If you are automatically activating through a secure Internet connection the required information is automatically transmitted. You will have the option to have an email confirmation sent of your activation (default).

Web Browser - If you are activating through through a web browser, the required information will be listed for you in the appropriate boxes. You can save the information to a file. You will be prompted for an email address, which will be used to send you an activation confirmation message.

Email - If you are activating through email you may be able to choose between using your default email client or saving your activation information to a file that you can manually send in an email client of your choosing. If the second option is selected you can click a Save button to create a file containing your activation information.

Telephone - If you are activating though telephone you are given the phone numbers to call and the numeric version of the required information. If you have problems with the numbers given you can call your branch office. You may save the needed information to a file.

Fax - If you are activating through fax you will need to enter your fax number, select your location from a list and print the activation request form.


Step 5 - Contact NI

Automatic Activation - The Activation Wizard will contact National Instruments automatically. This process may take a few minutes. If the Activation Wizard cannot connect to, you will have an option to retry connecting, choose an alternate method or exit the Activation Wizard. If the second option is selected it will bring you to the second option of step 1.

Web Browser - Following the instructions above you will go to

Email - Attach the file saved as instructed above to an empty email with no subject line and send it to

Ensure that your email has successfully sent the activation request email to You will receive a return email containing your activation codes within one business day of you request being sent, although typical response time is less than ten minutes.

Telephone - Call the number given in the instructions above and enter the numeric version of the required information. If you have problems with the numbers given you can call your branch office.

Fax - Fax the printed form to the number listed in the above instructions.


Exited the Activation Wizard - If the process required that you exit the Activation Wizard then when you receive your activation code, return to the Activation Wizard and choose:

Apply one or more 20-character activation codes previously acquired for this computer.


Step 6 - Enter 20-Character Activation Code

The automatic activation transmits your current activation codes directly to the computer and activates the products. All other methods allow you to enter the activation codes.


Step 7 - Product Successfully Activated!

If everything went smoothly the products successfully activated. The last window will show which products activated. You may need to restart the associated products to use any new features. If you experience any problems, have any questions, or have feedback regarding product activation, visit

You may have an option to register your hardware. If you check this box you will be brought to the National Instruments Registration Wizard. You will want to register your hardware or software to receive important notifications such as calibration and service expirations, facilitate technical support, and occasionally receive special offers on related products.


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