Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) Exam Preparation

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Watch this webcast to prepare for the Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) Exam. This webcast reviews the registration process, question format, and topics covered with special emphasis on concepts most missed by exam-takers. The presentation also includes sample questions.

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Customer Reviews
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Obsoleted  - Sep 16, 2016

Current webinar available at https://ni.adobeconnect.com/cladprep/ CLAD was revised May 2105.

Inconsistency response  - Jun 26, 2012

Thanks for reporting the inconsistency on slide 30. The question shown on slide 30 is a multiple choice, multiple answer style question and should be identified with the text "(More than one answer may apply.)" immediately following the question text as shown in the Sample exams. I have filed a Corrective Action Request to have the presentation updated on the next revision.

Inconsistency  - Feb 29, 2012

Slide 8 says: Multiple choice... 3 questions have mult. ans. -> "These questions are clearly identified" Slide 30, Connector pane: ans. C&D, BUT there is NO indication that this question has multiple answers. I haven't yet looked at an example exam to see which case is true.

  - Jan 21, 2012

nice presentation

useful  - Sep 19, 2011

this presentation goes over a number of the questions in the mock clad exam. Style is good.

Very useful  - Jan 19, 2011

With this kind of topic, you need a presenter who understands the content and is not just reading from a script. Obviously, the presenter should also be reasonably articulate. I thought that the presenter of this video easily met the above criteria and did a pretty good job. It doesn't have to be Oscar material.

Worth Viewing  - Nov 8, 2010

This gave me a really useful insight into the depth of knowledge required for the CLAD exam. The presentation was well structured and the presenter's style and manner was absolutely fine. Definitely a good use of 20mins.

G - General Viewing  - Oct 8, 2008

This was a very general presentation that left me wondering its purpose. The only benefit I received from the video was the knowledge of what areas people largely have issues with. I didn't feel any better prepared for the CLAD exam than when I started the video. I haven't seen a NI video without the 'ums' and 'ers' and half-decent voice- over (quality of microphone?). I think this could be an area of improvement. -David.

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