Introduction to the LabVIEW Platform

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Discover what LabVIEW can do for your test, control, and embedded design applications.

With LabVIEW, you can acquire and output real-world signals, analyze data for meaningful information; develop embedded or autonomous systems; and share results using displays, reports, and the Web. Watch this webcast to learn the fundamentals of graphical programming and discover how LabVIEW can benefit your applications by providing data acquisition and signal generation; signal processing and analysis; connectivity with third-party hardware and software; and desktop, embedded, and industrial deployment.

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no audio in video...  - Nov 19, 2013

I am using Mac OS X Mavericks on a new Macbook Pro (2013). I just updated Adobe Player and tried both Safari and Firefox. The video would play, but it would say "No Audio" in the play bar, instead of "Playing" as it did when I watched it successfully on another computer.

  - Aug 31, 2011

quite informative

rate this at 3.5  - Nov 16, 2010

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