Transforming Labs to Accelerate Student Understanding of the Core Concepts in Mechatronics

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Presented by Dr. David MacNair, Director of Laboratory Development, Georgia Tech

Laboratory experiments are a mainstay of undergraduate engineering education. In an effort to increase inquiry-based aspects of the lab, a redesign is necessary. Future engineers must gain both an understanding of the fundamental concepts as well as build the engineering intuition on the how, why, where and when these concepts must be applied. Dr. MacNair explains techniques he uses at one of the largest engineering universities in the world that promise to enhance the preparation of students to meet this growing needs of industry and research. 

Watch and learn:

  • How to effectively implement an inquiry-based lab structure on a large scale
  • How to tie concepts from one lab into another to grow complexity, while maintaining student engagement across multiple courses

About the Presenter:

Dr. MacNair serves as Director of Laboratory Development in the Woodruff School at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and manages Junior and Senior level laboratories in Mechanical Engineering. 

He develops innovative laboratory experiences based on lessons-learned from the maker movement and real-world industrial challenges, and is building an "ecosystem" of academic laboratory equipment and curriculum resources which allows universities to collaborate on the development and execution of effective undergraduate laboratory experiences. We ask you to join this exciting conversation and learn how you can you bring a different type of laboratory to your institution. 

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