Sensor Fundamentals: Data Acquisition Basics and Terminology

Publish Date: Aug 28, 2018 | 47 Ratings | 4.47 out of 5 | 6 Customer Reviews


Learn fundamental data acquisition concepts and terminology, essential sensor operating principles, and considerations for building a data acquisition system.

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Customer Reviews
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Good for me , gives valuable information  - Jul 8, 2017

the volume is not high enough to hear , if it is available i need the slides shown in the video

Easy to understand and very informative.  - Jun 14, 2017

I am amazed at how far data acquisition technology has progressed. Impressive.

wrong image  - Jun 5, 2017

page 7 says oscilloscope. Picture is actually AFG

A little too basic for an experienced engineer.   - Jun 2, 2017

Suitable for a sophmore or junior level EE course.

Good basic content. Difficult for me to hear (not high enough volume)  - May 5, 2016

The information was well presented. With volume on my computer turned to 100% I had difficulty hearing. I do have a hearing problem and low volume, high frequency (feminine voice range) are especially difficult.

Good detail level for a fairly thorough review.  - Jan 17, 2016

The various signal modification methods were nicely explained without going into too much depth. Especially useful were the explanations of the various sampling rate issues.

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