Customize the Triggers on Your Oscilloscope

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The dead time associated with traditional oscilloscope triggering systems significantly reduces the chances of capturing rare events. Oscilloscopes with a user-programmable architecture can overcome this challenge and increase the chances of finding an elusive trigger event. Learn how you can customize your trigger to eliminate dead time.   

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Customer Reviews
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Data Path Triggering as Opposed Software Processing  - Sep 26, 2016

A number of oscilloscope vendors have a concept of a zone trigger like the one shown in the video you linked. Those triggers are defined in software, so the scope collects a number of captures and then processes the data captures for the defined situation in the trigger configuration. Because those situations are identified in software, only a fraction of the data that passes through the ADC can be processed because the data bus is limited in the amount of data it can pass to the application memory or RAM. In fact, the data processed can be as little as 1% of the total data. Conversely, the Waveform Match Trigger that is shown in this webcast executes a data comparison operation on every data point that passes through the data path from the ADC to the device memory using logic on the user programmable FPGA of the instrument. This gives an engineer trying to characterize a signal aberration significantly more data in less time and can lead to identifying problems or characterizing behavior of a device at a fraction of the cost. For more information on how the custom trigger is implemented, visit the whitepaper. For the reference architecture follow the steps from the NI Community to download.

comparison to Keysight touchscreen trigger setup  - Jun 13, 2016

About a year ago, I attended a Keysight workshop with a demonstration of touchscreen trigger setup on one of their scopes. Here's a video: Is this basically the same concept that you've shown on the NI scope?

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