Sense, Think, Act for Unmanned Robotic System

Publish Date: Jun 2, 2012 | 3 Ratings | 5.00 out of 5 | Submit your Review


Most mobile robots, including unmanned robotic systems and autonomous vehicles, can be characterized by three tasks – sensing the environment around them; making a decision based on a predefined task and the environment it senses; and finally acting, to perform the predefined task by adapting to its environment. Learn how graphical system design tools like NI LabVIEW and CompactRIO help roboticists design sophisticated robotic architectures by seamlessly integrating sensors like Velodyne LIDAR sensors and a variety of actuators with cutting-edge algorithms.

Shelley Gretlein, Real-Time and Embedded Senior Group Manager, National Instruments

Bruce Hall, President, Velodyne

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