NI Vehicle Radar Test System

Comprehensive Radar Test System

The modular, PXI-based NI Vehicle Radar Test System (VRTS) provides integrated radar object simulation and measurements for sensor characterization and production test.

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Automotive Radar Obstacle Simulation and RF Measurements

VRTS provides automated radar measurement and obstacle simulation capabilities for 76 to 81 GHz automotive radar systems. With VRTS, you can perform precision RF measurements and simulate a wide range of test scenarios for radar hardware and software subsystems, including sensors, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and embedded software. Use VRTS for all phases, from design to manufacturing, of ADAS and radar system test.

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Turnkey Radar Test Solutions

NI Alliance Partners for VRTS configure highly customized software applications and radar environmental chambers to suit the goals and requirements of the specific test application.

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Automotive Test Solutions

Testing today’s vehicles is an increasingly complex endeavor. Engineers need open test systems with the flexibility needed to meet the challenges of complex vehicle systems.

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VRTS for HIL Test Systems

VRTS can generate complex scenarios to emulate real-world driving conditions in the lab and validate driver safety software with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing.

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