Why Choose NI Vision?

For over 15 years, National Instruments has provided software and hardware tools for vision applications to help engineers and scientists meet a diverse set of challenges faster and at a lower cost. Here are the top six reasons to choose National Instruments for your next vision application.

Lower Development Time and Maintenance Costs

Benefit from increased productivity with graphical programming and visual algorithm engineering using NI vision software. To best meet your needs and start quickly, you can choose between a configurable environment and comprehensive programming libraries. Both packages work across the entire hardware portfolio, making it easier to use existing code and manage and maintain multiple hardware systems.

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Support for Wide Range of Cameras

Choose the sensor type, resolution, bandwidth, and camera bus interface that meets your needs, and know that NI products are compatible. The NI Vision Acquisition Software package offers optimized drivers for industry-standard camera interfaces and, with LabVIEW drivers for specialty cameras, you can integrate traditional area scan, line scan, thermal, and 3D cameras; lasers; webcams; and more.

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Large Offering of Deployment Hardware Options

From rugged and reliable smart cameras to embedded vision systems to frame grabbers for PXI- and PC-based systems, NI has the hardware to meet your application needs and integrate imaging with DAQ, motion, and more. NI vision software works across the entire range of targets, giving you the flexibility to choose the right platform and form factor every time.

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Easy Integration With Automated Devices

NI vision products support many methods to integrate with programmable logic controllers (PCLs) and human machine interfaces (HMIs), guide industrial robots, correlate data with sensors, manage complex camera triggering, and drive actuators to control conveyor belts and sorting mechanisms. Industrial communications support includes serial and Ethernet protocols (RS232, Modbus, Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, EtherCAT) and extends to include digital I/O (TTL, opto-isolated, with reconfigurable options) and OPC servers. Additional NI hardware and LabVIEW add-ons support other standards (Profibus, CAN, specific industrial robots).

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Vision Motion Integration

Advanced integration options enable NI vision and motion tools to have tight synchronization through a single development environment. This level of integration powers today’s smart machines and high-performance automation tasks like visual servoing and dynamic manipulation. Hardware options provide the flexibility to have the vision and motion control system within the same hardware or distributed across multiple hardware targets while still maintaining a high level of synchronization.

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Worldwide Support and Services

NI is committed to your success and offers several services to meet your needs. These include technical support from applications engineers, prototyping and feasibility analysis, consulting and development assistance, volume license agreements, and customer education courses. For full system integration and maintenance, turn to an NI Alliance Partner specializing in vision applications.

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