Why Choose NI Vision Systems?

NI industrial controllers provide powerful processors, compatibility with thousands of third-party cameras, and integration with third-party automation equipment, all within small, fanless, and rugged packages. NI industrial controllers are programmable using LabVIEW with the Vision Development Module or Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (Vision Builder AI) software, which gives you freedom and flexibility in your design.

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Increase Throughput With NI Industrial Controllers

With models offering up to Intel i7 processors and a 64-bit NI Linux Real-Time OS, NI Vision systems can decrease inspection times and increase throughput.

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Connect to Thousands of Third-Party USB and GigE Cameras

NI industrial controllers are compatible with third-party cameras that comply with the USB3 Vision and GigE Vision standards. This gives you the freedom to choose the camera that meets your needs and integrates into existing systems.

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Flexible and Scalable Software

Choose between the Vision Development Module and Vision Builder AI to program your system. This software can be deployed to all NI industrial controllers so you can reuse it and deploy the same code to multiple systems.

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FPGA Image Processing

IC-317x industrial controllers can use a built-in FPGA for coprocessing images, which helps you decrease inspection time. The Vision Development Module features many FPGA image processing functions, giving you the ability to easily take advantage of this technology.

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Introduction to FPGA Vision Using the NI Vision Development Module

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