NI Multisim Interactive Demonstration

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The Multisim environment delivers a suite of powerful design, analysis, and validation tools to gain greater understanding of circuit behavior. In this interactive demonstration, explore how to quickly get started with Multisim by performing the basics of capture and simulation.

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Customer Reviews
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not as expected  - Nov 6, 2014

I followed a link from Multisim expecting to see tutorials. This is not even 1 tutorial.

option for downloading demos  - Jul 25, 2014

Hi, It is a very useful demo.Please also add the option to download these demo videos so that videos may also be reviewed off-line. regards m.yasir

  - Mar 3, 2014

It's very good and usefull circuit design demo.Thanks!

  - Feb 25, 2014


  - Feb 25, 2014


MCU  - Jul 18, 2013

This is a good tool to simulate the micro- controllers ,analog and digital ciruits

  - Jul 7, 2013

Hello, i would like the shunt regulator or any similar component TLVH431. How do i create this part or can i have MultiSIM create for me,thanks.

  - Jun 17, 2013

its great product , for develop system , and circuits , using analog and digital system and microntrollers i use this , very necessary for bench,and develop

Schematic symbol  - Jan 25, 2013

I am using the Analog Devices evaluation program. I want to edit the schematic symbol of a 1p1s transformer by adding center taps on the primary and secondary. Where is the Symbol tab or Component Properties dialog box? Thank you.

Blinking Circuit Reply  - Nov 26, 2010

Hello: in regards to the blinking circuit, the LEDs will flash if wired correctly. I believe your circuit needs a few adjustments. I suggest posting your circuit file on the Circuit Design forums; there are many helpful users and AEs that can help you with this:

  - Nov 19, 2010

hello i would like to know if i make a blinking circuit on this software will the leds flash the way that they should. here are a couple of circuits that I have made but i can not get them to flash ing+Circuit please email on how i can get them to flash multi sim 11 or 7

  - Oct 13, 2010

Multisim é um execelente software a nível de graduação. Vida longa ao Multisim...

  - Apr 14, 2010

Brilliant software! Much better value for money than Microcap.

  - May 8, 2009

1) I entered a circuit and had trouble with the wiring rules (bidirectional and power etc.) 2) I made the circuit work with AD8065, but trying AD8067 crashed it (model sourced 800 mA from invert i/p). Returning to AD8065 was still OK. 3) Number of points per decade in noise analyser does not work intuitively. Needs some bug fixes, before it's worth buying!

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