VeriStand Software Support and Maintenance

Whether you are a single-license user or a business with multiple licenses, you can maximize your investment in VeriStand with the NI software maintenance and support program. Every purchase of VeriStand includes one year of the NI Standard Service Program (SSP). You may also buy multiple years up front.

  • Stay up to date on the latest technology with the latest software updates
  • Save time with direct access to technical support from NI applications engineers
  • Increase proficiency through exclusive online software training modules

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Technology With the Latest Software Updates

With SSP you are guaranteed to have the latest software technologies at your disposal. Whether you want to incorporate new VeriStand functionality or the latest communication protocols, VeriStand keeps pace with the latest technology changes so they are available to you automatically.

Save Time With Direct Access to Technical Support From NI Applications Engineers

Contact NI applications engineers via phone and e-mail for one-to-one technical support. Read what just a few NI customers say about their experience with this highly regarded group:

“What differentiates NI from other suppliers of test systems is the knowledge and professionalism of your support engineers.”

– Software Engineer, Pi Shurlok


“The best technical support I have ever received! The representative was professional, timely with his response, and truly dedicated to finding a solution to the problem. His efforts can be directly attributed to a savings of approximately four man-hours a week. Thank you!"

– Engineering Director, Biorep Technologies


Additionally, online self-help resources include software drivers and updates, a searchable KnowledgeBase, product manuals, step-by-step troubleshooting wizards, thousands of example programs, tutorials, application notes, and instrument drivers.

Increase Proficiency Through Exclusive Online Software Training Modules

Take advantage of exclusive online, on-demand software training modules that teach you new features, application uses, and development best practices. 


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