VeriStand Products

For Developing and Operating Real-Time Test Applications

Import and configure simulation models

Create alarms and procedures for critical test components

Map test system channels to hardware I/O

Generate stimulus profiles and perform data logging

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For Operating Real-Time Test Applications

Connect to existing system definitions

Generate stimulus profiles and perform data logging

Configure a run-time editable user interface

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Add-On Software for VeriStand

NI RIO Scan Engine and EtherCAT Add-On

With the scan engine and EtherCAT custom device for VeriStand, you can easily read scanned I/O from C Series modules located in a CompactRIO or NI 9144 EtherCAT chassis. Using this add-on, you can eliminate the need for FPGA programming when deploying your VeriStand application to a CompactRIO or NI 9144 EtherCAT chassis.

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INERTIA Add-On for Closed-Loop Test Cell Applications

INERTIA, a powerful add-on for VeriStand real-time test software, is specifically designed for quickly and efficiently implementing real-time control and test cell applications such as dynamometer and servo-hydraulic test systems.

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NI Engine Simulation Toolkit for VeriStand

With this toolkit, you can add deterministic engine simulation for engine control unit (ECU) validation. This powerful, open-source, configuration-based toolkit includes the FPGA IP library to combine your engine physics model to create a complete ECU hardware-in-the-loop test system.

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