VeriStand Application Areas

VeriStand can be used to perform tests across a broad range of applications from embedded software validation to physical test cell applications such as dynamometer and servo-hydraulic-based testing. VeriStand also enables distributed testing across many synchronized real-time controllers. With the flexibility of VeriStand, design and test engineers can use a single software platform for all phases of embedded control development, including ASAM XIL to incorporate third-party tools, which increases process efficiency and reduces development costs.

Embedded Software Development and Validation

Real-Time Test Cells

Test cells combine industrial machinery with precision control and laboratory-quality measurements to replicate real-world environments.

Common examples of real-time test cells are dynamometers, environmental test chambers, and servo-hydraulic-based test rigs. 


Distributed Real-Time Test Systems

“We selected NI VeriStand for our Legacy 500 Iron Bird because of the breadth of functionality the environment provides out of the box, which significantly reduces our development efforts.”

Use VeriStand to configure reflective memory networks and timing interfaces to create applications with multiple, synchronized real-time execution targets.

Increase Quality and Efficiency With Test Component Reuse

Test components such as user interface elements, stimulus profiles, and simulation models can often be reused throughout embedded software development, which improves efficiency and provides more comprehensive test coverage.

Learn how to implement system-level tests that you can reuse throughout the entire embedded software development process while providing traceability and coverage analysis using your requirements documents.

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