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NI USRP-292x

Tunable center frequency from 50 MHz to 6 GHz that covers a wide variety of applications

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NI USRP-293x

Integrated GPS receiver for improved frequency accuracy, global synchronization, and positioning

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Frequency Range

Instantaneous Bandwidth

Frequency Accuracy

Simultaneous RX/TX

Oscillator Type

NI USRP-2920

 50 MHz–2.2 GHz Up to 20 MHz  2.5 ppm    TCXO

NI USRP-2921

2.4 GHz–2.5 GHz
and 4.9 GHz–5.9 GHZ
  Up to 20 MHz 2.5 ppm  - TCXO

NI USRP-2922

400 MHz–4.4 GHz  Up to 20 MHz 2.5 ppm      TCXO

NI USRP-2930

50 MHz–2.2 GHz Up to 20 MHz  25 ppb   GPS-Disciplined OCXO

NI USRP-2932

400 MHz–4.4 GHz Up to 20 MHz 25 ppb    GPS-Disciplined OCXO

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