Getting Started with Instrument Control

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In these tutorial videos you will learn how to quickly configure, customize, and implement your instrument control applications. See how to choose the appropriate hardware and software tools based on your application needs including the basics of direct I/O, instrument drivers, programming in LabVIEW, and how to troubleshoot your GPIB applications with the NI-488.2 driver utilities.

Getting Started with

Instrument Control 


Whether you are new to instrument control or would simply prefer thorough assistance with beginning your instrument control application, we advise viewing the videos in the displayed sequence as they will guide you through initial set-up to programming and troubleshooting in the most effective order.


1. Select your bus




2. Select your environment





3. Increase efficiency with LabVIEW




Learn how to troubleshoot your GPIB applications using NI-488.2 Utilities such as 

NI I/O Trace, NI-488.2 Communicator, GPIB Interactive Control, and the GPIB Analyzer. 


Begin Troubleshooting



Instrument Control Support Resources

Instrument Control Fundamentals: This series, organized into four general categories, is designed for a broad range of audiences, from experts who want to review a specific topic to new users who need easy-to-understand documentation for their projects.

Ask an Engineer:
Enter our online support utility to get answers quickly. Submit your question, view possible solutions, post to the Discussion Forums, e-mail, or call NI. Please note, for phone and e-mail requests, a valid service contract is required.


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