Do You Have Questions About Migrating to NI Multisim and Ultiboard?

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This article answers your questions as you consider migrating to Multisim and Ultiboard. If you cannot find an answer here, please contact a technical expert by viewing our international sales office webpage.

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Frequently Answered Questions

  1. How can Multisim and Ultiboard improve my approach to prototyping?
  2. Is Multisim suited for education use also?
  3. Can I simulate vendor PSpice models in Multisim?
  4. Is Multisim the right prototyping tool for me?
  5. When migrating to Multisim how should I handle legacy files?
  6. Can I export my schematics to a layout package other than Ultiboard?
  7. My company already has other design tools. Can Multisim and Ultiboard still improve my productivity?
  8. Is there a discount to use Multisim for academic research?
  9. Do you have any examples of customers using Multisim and Ultiboard?
  10. What companies are working with National Instruments?
  11. Is product training available for Multisim and Ultiboard?
  12. What kind of support (and resources) does National Instruments offer?



How can Multisim and Ultiboard improve my approach to prototyping? 

Multisim and Ultiboard improve your productivity by making normally difficult or time-consuming tasks easier.

Schematic capture is simplified through an accessible database and mode-less wiring To simulate you do not need to be a SPICE expert. Our highly graphical environment abstracts away the complexities of traditional simulation.

To layout designs, you can use the flexible Ultiboard environment with multiple approaches to part placement and layout. This ease of use is tailored to prototyping faster and simulating better.

Learn how easy it is to design with Multisim




Is Multisim suited for education use also? 

Yes. A special edition of Multisim has been developed, which augments our simulation environment with teaching features. These teaching features allow professors and lab instructors to visualize circuit phenomena on the computer to foster student learning of circuit theory. Multisim Education edition takes our easy-to-use and accessible environment, and adds features such as 3D breadboards, connectivity to educational prototyping platforms, rated components, and quizzes.




Can I simulate vendor PSPICE models in Multisim? 

Yes. In Multisim, you can simulate nearly all PSPICE models provided by semiconductor manufacturers. We have dedicated a large number of resources to improving PSpice compatibility (parameters, models, syntax) in Multisim.
Downloaded PSPICE models from the Web sites of companies such as National Semiconductor, Analog Devices, and Texas Instruments can be included in Multisim through the steps outlined in the custom component design article.




Is Multisim the right prototyping tool for me?

Multisim and Ultiboard Professional provide you an easy-to-use environment for capture, simulation, and layout. You can prototype faster, and simulate better to reduce design errors.

Our mixed-mode simulation environment has been chosen by many for its low price and advanced functionality. Evaluate our complete suite for free for 30 days, and see how it can improve your prototyping approach. Download a 30 day evaluation.




When migrating to Multisim how should I handle legacy files? 

Many engineers migrate to Multisim to improve their prototyping approach, however still have legacy files from other electronic design automation (EDA) tools. Designers who take advantage of our tools keep their legacy EDA product to help maintain older versions of their designs.

This is useful as during a translation process between two tools, there can often be changes made to a design automatically. This can result in increased design work.

It is therefore recommended to maintain older designs with legacy tools.





Can I export my schematics to a layout package other than Ultiboard? 

Yes. Multisim is integrated with Mentor Graphics PADS 2005. If you currently use this layout package, Multisim can be easily used alongside it. Learn more about the integration with the article NI Multisim Export to Mentor Graphics PADS Layout.




My company already has other design tools. Can Multisim and Ultiboard still improve my productivity? 

Yes. Many engineers use Multisim and Ultiboard alongside their enterprise tools. NI tools have been developed to increase the productivity of the engineer. Multisim and Ultiboard improve the personal design approach using simulation to evaluate design decisions, and quickly prototype printed circuit board (PCB) designs. Our tools lend themselves to quick innovation – a necessity in most organizations. It is the easy access to advanced simulation that makes evaluation of design decisions simpler in Multisim.

Completed (and validated) schematics are then provided to layout experts in their company for product development with enterprise tools. This approach (pictured below) has seen NI tools successfully adopted at numerous sites. Learn more about this approach at a National Lab.





Is there a discount for academic research use of Multisim? 

Yes. We provide a generous discount to academic researchers throughout the world. If you need to prototype PCB designs for custom test fixtures, daughter cards, breakout boards or for other research applications, Multisim and Ultiboard Professional can be a powerful tool. Contact your local NI sales representative to learn more about the discount for your research lab.




Do you have any examples of customers using Multisim and Ultiboard? 

Yes. Check out the following resources (case studies, white papers and example programs) to see what some customers are doing with our software:

  1. College Park Industries: Case Study on Prosthetic Design
  2. STeP: Case Study on Custom C-Series Module Design
  3. PiSAT: Solar-Powered Rechargeable Lantern
  4. National Lab: White Paper on Multisim and LabVIEW
  5. Georgia Institute of Technology: Teaching Circuit Design
  6. DeVry University: Teaching Electronics with Multisim
  7. National Lab: Digital Waveform Generator in Multisim Example Program
  8. Integrating PCB and Mechanical Design: Example Program




What companies are working with National Instruments? 

Throughout the past five years, we have invested heavily in improving our approach to prototyping and circuit design by leveraging the expertise of other companies. This has included semiconductor device models for simulation from the following companies:

  1. Analog Devices
  2. National Semiconductor
  3. Texas Instruments
  4. Linear Tech
  5. Christope Basso

We also worked with leading EDA companies such as:

  1. Sunstone Circuits: Order Integration, to make prototype fabrication easier
  2. PCB Matrix: IPC standard footprint creation
  3. Mentor Graphics: Layout integration with Multisim




Is product training available for Multisim and Ultiboard?

Yes. Both classroom and online courses are available for Multisim and Ultiboard. View class information.




What kind of support (and resources) does National Instruments offer? 

National Instruments is renowned for its product support. NI is unique in providing customers a varied and broad amount of support, ranging from online documentation to support from an application engineer.

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