Coupling NI Requirements Gateway with NI MATRIXx

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Note: This document applies to NI Requirements Gateway versions 1.1 and earlier. For information on newer Requirements Gateway versions, refer to the Coupling External Applications with NI Requirements Gateway topic in the NI Requirements Gateway help.

For more than 20 years, engineers worldwide have relied on the NI MATRIXx product family for control design applications in automotive, aerospace and defense, process control, and academic environments. The NI MATRIXx suite of software includes tools for: graphical system modeling and simulation; interactive analysis, visualization, and control development; automatic documentation generation; and automatic embedded code generation for C and Ada. NI Requirements Gateway integrates with NI MATRIXx in order to parse requirement coverages implemented in SuperBlocks created with NI MATRIXx.

Table of Contents

  1. Adding NI MATRIXx Documents to a Project
  2. NI MATRIXx Type Variable
  3. Specifying Coverages in NI MATRIXx
  4. Additional Resources

1. Adding NI MATRIXx Documents to a Project

NI MATRIXx documents are traditionally used to implement requirements rather than specify requirements, so NI MATRIXx documents will almost always be added to a project in the form of a covering document.

When adding an NI MATRIXx document to your NI Requirements Gateway project, the Select Files to Include in Document dialog box allows you to specify different types of NI MATRIXx files with one single document node.

Figure 1 - NI Requirements Gateway allows you to select a number of different NI MATRIXx files for one document node

When specifying multiple NI MATRIXx files within one document node that covers a specification document, the requirements set forth in the specification document are not considered covered unless the combination of all files cover the requirements (Boolean OR functionality).

Within the Select Files to Include In Document dialog box, you have the option of associating NI Requirements Gateway with a directory in which your NI MATRIXx files are located, in which case NI Requirements Gateway will include all catalog (*.cat) files in the project.  Furthermore, the user can add one single catalog (*.cat) file, or add an individual model file stored within an NI MATRIXx catalog.

Figure 2 - NI Requirements Gateway allows you to select an entire directory, catalog (*.cat), or one specific model

Figure 3 - An example NI Requirements Gateway Management View after an NI MATRIXx covering document has been configured

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2. NI MATRIXx Type Variable

The NI MATRIXx type includes one variable which becomes active upon associating NI Requirements Gateway with one or more NI MATRIXx directories, catalogs or models.  Enabling this variable allows users to specify the capture of an image of the superblock or state diagram from within NI MATRIXx.  This variable is disabled by default, as capturing diagrams could potentially slow the analysis of NI Requirements Gateway projects.  Users have the ultimate authority on the compromise between analysis speed and precision.

Figure 4 - With the Capture Diagrams variable, users can optionally capture superblock or state diagram images

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3. Specifying Coverages in NI MATRIXx

When specifying coverages in NI MATRIXx documents, coverage strings can be placed in one of two specified locations – the comment field of an NI MATRIXx element, or the Requirements_s user parameter of an NI MATRIXx element.

References contained in NI MATRIXx covering documents should use syntax to define coverage of requirements.  The default syntax for specification of coverages in NI MATRIXx is as follows, where reqid is the requirement ID of the requirement being covered:

[Covers: reqid]

If you have a particular covering document that implements multiple requirements, you can specify a comma-separated list of requirements covered.  For example:

[Covers: REQ001, REQ003, REQ007]

Figure 5 - With NI Requirements Gateway, you can specify references in the Requirements_s User Parameter or the Comment of a block or superblock

To simplify the coverage specification process, NI Requirements Gateway gives users the ability to copy requirements for coverage using NI MATRIXx.  When you select Copy For » MATRIXx Comment or Copy For » MATRIXx User Parameter from the right-click context menu, NI Requirements Gateway places the appropriate coverage string for the requirement in the system clipboard so that the user can simply paste the string into NI MATRIXx covering documents and no longer have to worry about the appropriate coverage string syntax.

Figure 6 - You can choose to copy a syntactically correct coverage string for an NI MATRIXx Comment or User Parameter and paste it in the NI MATRIXx document

As with all types in NI Requirements Gateway, advanced users can customize the NI MATRIXx type to read different syntactical requirements coverage specifications.

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4. Additional Resources

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