Autoconnect Passives in Multisim

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1. Overview

Engineers use EDA tools throughout the design process in order to efficiently capture, simulate, and layout their electronics designs. For the design of analog and mixed-mode electronics, Multisim is an-easy-to use capture and simulation tool with many powerful features designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind.

An autoconnect passive is a feature of Multisim that allows you to place two-pin passive components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors directly on an existing wire and have Multisim automatically and properly connect the component to your design.

Autoconnect passives are useful when placing forgotten components on schematics, or when adding unforseen components to existing designs.

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2. How to use Autoconnect Passives

To place an autoconnect passive, simply choose a 2-pin passive component from any of the component toolbars or the component browser. When the component ghosts the mouse (placement mode), place the component on-top of an existing wire.

Multisim will automatically insert the passive component in-line with the existing net.


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