Activate NI Software Using Your NI User Account

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Single Seat customers can activate their NI Software using their NI User Account. Whether they purchase the software new or register their software via My Products, you can activate NI Software by simply logging in during activation.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Identity Based Activation
  3. Additional Resources

1. Introduction

In May 2018, NI will introduce identity based activation for our Single Seat Software Customers.  Identity based activation allows you to activate your NI Software by logging in during activation.  New software purchases will begin in May 2018 and other activations (such as when upgrading to a new version) will be available by October 2018.

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2. Identity Based Activation

Identity based activation is an easier, more convenient way to activate software.  Customers have regularly told us that finding and using their Serial Number to activate their software is time consuming and not very convenient.  Based on this feedback, Single Seat Customers can activate their software using their NI User Account.

Purchase New Software

  1. As a Single Seat Customer when you purchase new software you will receive an e-mail.  If you are working with a purchasing department, be sure to tell them to forward the e-mail to you.
  2. When you receive the e-mail choose accept access.
  3. Log in with your NI User Account (NIUA).  This will connect the software to your NIUA. 
  4. When you activate your software look for this screen:

Be sure to log in using your NIUA.  If we have your NI User Account associated to the license your software will activate.  No Serial Number is required.


Register Your Software and Access Your Benefits

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner choose My Account.

  1. Scroll down the page and find My Products.

  1. If you don't see the software you want to activate follow the links to Register the software.
  2. Activate the software by logging in using your NI User Account.

Serial Number Activation

If you like the Serial Number, or for some reason you still need to use it, the option to enter your Serial Number will appear as shown:


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3. Additional Resources

If you are not connected to the Internet and need to activate, move to another computer and visit My Products or contact National Instruments for additional help.

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