Set Up a DataFinder Server to Index Processed Files

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This example shows how to setup a DataFinder Server to index the cleansed and extended files of the Data Preprocessor created in earlier tutorials.

Specify the Processed Data folder of the Data Preprocessor as a search area for the new DataFinder Server. DataFinder Server will either scan search areas at regular intervals for new files or receive notifications from the file system about new files. Once these files have been successfully indexed, they can be used as data source for searching specific files or for data analytics.

The same DataFinde Server also triggers the immediate processing of new files by the Analysis Server.

To setup the DataFinder Server, complete the following steps in the wizard:

1. Open TDM Server Manager in your web browser and login using your credentials.



2. Select New>>DataFinder to start the configuration wizard.



3. Enter ProcessedDataIndex as the Name of the new DataFinder server, and click Next.



4. Enter the Name of the search area.

5. Click the Choose a Folder symbol and activate the TDM Server tab.

6. Open the Choose a server from list… drop down box, and select the ConvertExampleData Data Preprocessor.



7. Select Processed data (Raw_Data).



8. Click OK.

9. Click Next to continue the configuration wizard.

10. Click Next to skip this step.

11. Select the ADVANCED license.



12. Click Finish to complete the initial configuration of the DataFinder.

13. Select the newly created DataFinder in the list, and click Start to start indexing the data.



Next Steps

Now you can connect to the DataFinder Index using a client such as DIAdem and perform a simple or complex query. To easily connect with DIAdem, select the newly created DataFinder Server in the list, and click Connect>>Export Client Configuration. Download the urf-file to the DIAdem computer and double-click the file, In DIAdem you can now find the connection to the newly created DataFinder Server in the list of available DataFinder.

Check out the other tutorials for the Data Management Software Suite  which includes the next step in this process, setting up a triggered analysis server to process new files.


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