Using NI Multisim and Ultiboard Student Version for Capstone Project

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NI Multisim and Ultiboard Student Version provides a complete circuit design and PCB layout environment to support introductory circuit courses through to final year capstone projects. Students can use Multisim to create schematics and simulate their projects to better understand real world behavior of their designs. Once the design has been finalized the circuit can be transferred to NI Ultiboard for PCB layout.


A capstone project in electrical engineering typically involves extensive research. The student must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of course work and apply that knowledge to a real world project. Using Multisim Student Edition SPICE simulation in the design flow can provide valuable insight into circuit behavior. Multisim Student Edition comes with 6 analyses including AC, DC and transient as well as more advanced analyses such as Fourier, Distortion, and Noise. For viewing and analyzing results Multisim Student Edition includes 8 virtual instruments as listed below in addition to the NI ELVIS and NI myDAQ hardware instruments to capture real measurements.

2 Channel Scope

Bode Plotter

Current Probe

Word Generator

Measurement Probe

Function Generator

Logic Converter
Logic Analyzer

PCB Layout

Once the circuit design has been finalized the student can transfer their design to NI Ultiboard for PCB layout. The complete netlist along with footprints (land patterns) are transferred.  After PCB layout the 3D view in Ultiboard provides a realistic view into component placement and the overall form factor chosen. Lastly, the student can now use Ultiboard 14.0.0 Student Edition to export their PCB design to the latest Gerber RS-274X format for production at a quick turn or similar board house.

NI Multisim and Ultiboard Student Edition provide you access to industry standard tools in an easy-to-learn and low-cost package. For some examples on how Multisim and Ultiboard enhance learning in the classroom visit these locations:


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