DIAdem REPORT Tutorial Videos

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1. Table of Contents

  1. DIAdem REPORT: 2D Axis
  2. DIAdem REPORT: 3D Axis
  3. DIAdem REPORT: Master Layout
  4. Additional Resources


1. DIAdem REPORT: 2D Axis

Make professional and highly customizable reports of your data. With the variety of objects and style options, you can easily convey results from your data analysis in an informative and aesthetically pleasing way.

  • Drag and drop data to an 2D axis systems
  • Modify displayed data to emphasize important findings
  • Export reports to PDF, HTML, and presentation slides


2. DIAdem REPORT: 3D Axis

Add 3D graphs to reports. You can customize the style, color or color gradient, and the angle at which the plot is viewed.

  • Easily change 3D display and view
  • View 3D data as Matrix or Triplet style
  • Convert 3D data from Matrix to Triple format and vice versa


3. DIAdem REPORT: Master Layout

Create master layouts that you can customize with company logos and predefined partitions, and then save them for future use.

  • Connect layouts with master layouts
  • Automatically or manually refresh link to Master Layout when loaded in DIAdem
  • Master Layout can be specified as DIAdem start file




4. Additional Resources

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