Instrument Drivers

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As part of the National Instruments Instrument Control Fundamentals Series, this set of tutorials helps you learn about a specific common instrument control topic through theory explanations and practical examples.

What You Learn
An instrument driver is a set of high-level functions that control and communicate with instrument hardware in a system. Each of these high level functions provides some functionality on your instrument ranging from initialization and configuration to triggering and acquisition. This set of documents and tutorials will assist you in using Instrument Drivers in your setup.

To view the complete list of in-depth instrument control tutorials, please return to the Instrument Control Fundamentals Main Page.

Instrument Driver Network
The NI Instrument Driver Network is a source for instrument drivers for over 8,000 instruments. This site also helps in the creation and submission of instrument drivers, as well as providing the option to request drivers for instruments that don't have drivers currently available.

What is an Instrument Driver?
This site gives a short explanation of what instrument drivers are and the different types of drivers available.

Types of Instrument Drivers
Plug and Play and Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) are two technologies used by National Instruments LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI instrument drivers. Each driver type offers advantages for different use cases and application needs.

Developing LabVIEW Plug and Play Drivers
This document describes how to create Plug and Play Drivers in NI LabVIEW.

How IVI-C Instrument Driver Technology Enables System Longevity and Platform Portability
This white paper explains the benefits of adopting IVI and the differences to be aware of when choosing between the IVI-C and IVI-COM standards

How to use an Instrument Driver in LabVIEW Tutorial
This tutorial gives a walkthrough of how to use Instrument Drivers in LabVIEW.

How to use an Instrument Driver in LabWindows/CVI Tutorial
This tutorial gives a walkthrough of how to use Instrument Drivers in LabWindows/CVI.

Using Instrument I/O Assistant to create LabWindows/CVI Instrument Drivers
This tutorial shows how to create an instrument driver in LabWindows/CVI using the Instrument I/O assistant.

Using an IVI-COM Instrument Driver in LabVIEW
This tutorial walks through the process fo using an IVI-COM driver in LabVIEW

Introduction to using Instrument Drivers in NI LabVIEW (Multimedia Content)
This 45 minute Webcast on Demand is another tutorial for using Instrument Drivers in LabVIEW.

New Tools for Instrument Driver Development in LabVIEW 8 (Multimedia Content)
This Breeze Tutorial shows some new tools in LabVIEW 8 for creating Instrument Drivers.

Instrument Driver Troubleshooting Guide
This KnowledgeBase article goes through several common steps for troubleshooting instrument drivers.

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