A Hands-on Introduction to Software Defined Radio with the NI USRP and NI LabVIEW

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New to software defined radio, NI USRP or LabVIEW?

National Instruments has the training you need. From this page, you can download the exercise manual, example programs and solutions to learn the basics of LabVIEW and get an introduction to the NI USRP software defined radio.

At various times throughout the year, this material is conducted as an on-site and hands-on seminar at academic and other institutions. Please contact your local academic program manager or district sales manager for seminar locations, dates and times happening in your area!

Download Full Manual (9.4 MB)

Table of Contents

Topics Covered

Introduction to software defined radio

LabVIEW programming fundamentals

Building a simple spectrum analyzer

Demodulate over-the-air broadcast FM radio

Investigate the elements of digital communications system

Download Contains

Full Lab Exercise Manual PDF

LabVIEW Exercises

LabVIEW Exercise Solutions


Required Software


NI LabVIEW MathScript RT Module

NI LabVIEW Modulation Toolkit

NI USRP Instrument Driver

Required Hardware

NI USRP-2920





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