Simple State Machine Template Documentation

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The Simple State Machine template facilitates defining the execution sequence for sections of code. This particular implementation often is referred to as a Moore machine, which determines the next state based on decisions made in the current state. The design of this template makes it easy to insert new sections of code, remove sections of code, or change the order in which sections execute – all without making major modifications to the structure of the application.

1. Locating the Simple State Machine Template and Documentation in LabVIEW

Complete the following steps to locate this template:

  1. Select File»Create Project to open the Create Project dialog box. You also can click the Create Project button on the Getting Started window.
  2. Double-click Simple State Machine and configure the new project.
  3. Click Finish. LabVIEW displays the Project Explorer window.
  4. To open the template VI, double-click in the Project Explorer window.

To access the documentation for this template, double-click Project Documentation»Simple State Machine Documentation.html in the Project Explorer window.


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