Evaporative Cooler Sample Project Documentation

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The Feedback Evaporative Cooler sample project implements an evaporative cooler with hot-swappable hardware, controllers, and user interfaces. The sample project is made up of multiple independently-running VIs, called actors, that represent the user interface, the cooler, its fans, and its water level. Each actor has the ability to pass command-like messages to, and receive such messages from, related actors. The architecture supports expansion for statically or dynamically including more actors.

1. Locating the Feedback Evaporative Cooler Sample Project and Documentation in LabVIEW

Complete the following steps to locate this sample project:

  1. Select File»Create Project to open the Create Project dialog box. You also can click the Create Project button on the Getting Started window.
  2. Double-click Feedback Evaporative Cooler and configure the new project.
  3. Click Finish. LabVIEW displays the Project Explorer window.
  4. To open the main VI of the sample project, double-click Application»Application Launcher.lvlib»Splash Screen.vi in the Project Explorer window.

To access the documentation for this sample project, double-click Project Documentation»Feedback Evaporative Cooler Documentation.html and Actor Framework Whitepaper.html in the Project Explorer window.

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